Instagram VS Snapchat VS Twitter: Battle of Stories

Over the past few years, we have seen every social media platform copy ideas and features from each other. The question now is, who is doing it the best?

Twitter is the most recent platform to add the story feature. Nothing new compared to any of the other platforms. The same, old story feature where we will still be clicking and seeing the same story to the people we follow on the other platforms. Although, it is surprising that Twitter just added it now, and we wonder what they will do after.

Snapchat was the original popular app to introduce the story feature. With 190 million daily users, the majority are there for the story-based content. Although, we have seen now that this has already begun to change for Snapchat. Snapchat does not have the capital and back-up to have a large competitive advantage when Instagram by Facebook copies their feature.

Originally when Instagram added stories, they had a lot of backlashes. Although, over-time Instagram has begun to be the main social media platform known for their stories. It is shocking to see how much power Facebook has to change who is controlling the main features across all platforms.

Long story short, who is the winner? We believe it is Instagram. Like normally, it is the one with the most money. They have the power to control what we think and took over stories from the original founder, Snapchat. Twitter is still new to the story-game, but we doubt they will be a big enough competitor to Instagram by Facebook.